Included is two 28mm miniatures embodying the pinnacle of United States Marine Corps combat readiness.

The US Marine Grenadier model is armed with the versatile M27 IAR, enhanced with an undermounted M320 Grenade Launcher, Acog scope, and PEQ IR laser/illuminator, ensuring devastating firepower in any engagement. Meanwhile, the NCO offers flexibility with options to assemble either with a Sig pistol or standard M27 IAR, providing tactical adaptability on the battlefield.

Both figures are outfitted in combat BDU's, lightweight helmets, and body armor, complemented by MOLLE pouches for efficient gear organization. Equipped with two sets of night vision goggles, these Marines excel in low-light operations, maintaining their edge in all conditions.

Please note, some assembly is required, as the figures are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Dominate the battlefield with the precision, versatility, and readiness of these elite US Marine miniatures.

USMC NCO and Grenadier

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