Introducing our 28mm scale metal miniature capturing the legendary bravery of Christian Craighead during his harrowing battle against terrorist forces at a Nairobi hotel. This meticulously detailed miniature portrays Craighead, an elite SAS operator, in the heat of the action.

Equipped with precision weaponry, Craighead is armed with a Colt Canada L119A2, complete with suppressor, SureFire light, PEQ, and Sig Romeo 4T optic, ensuring optimal performance in any combat scenario. Additionally, he carries a Glock 17 as a reliable backup weapon for close-quarters engagements.

Dressed in authentic gear, Craighead wears a Crye AVS plate carrier adorned with MOLLE pouches, meticulously designed to carry extra ammo, grenades, and medical supplies. Every detail has been meticulously researched, right down to the iconic Blackbeard patch on the back of his belt.

For added customization, this model includes two separate arms, allowing you to assemble Craighead with either his primary assault rifle or his trusty Glock pistol. Supplied unassembled and unpainted, this miniature offers endless opportunities for personalization and immersion in your gaming experience.

Nairobi SAS Operator

  • $5.00

Tags: 28mm Modern